Depending on how bad your existing driveway is our experienced estimators will evaluate your project and give you multiple options on solving you asphalt problem


Grade & Lay

If there is a good amount of graded base down we can regrade and compact it using a vibratory roller. Then we will install our one layer or two layer asphalt paving system depending on what the customer would like.


Remove and Replace

If your existing asphalt is too far gone we would excavate it out. We take the old asphalt back to have it recycled and then we replace it with a graded base. We compact the gravel before installing our one layer or two layer asphalt paving system.



If your asphalt is in overall good shape and you’re looking for a cost efficient solution we can remove only the bad areas and base with asphalt. Then we apply a liquid adhesive and install asphalt on top of your old surface.


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Central Ma

Repairs or Crack Filling

We use hot rubber crack filler to fill cracks.


Asphalt Sealer

All sealer is a water base product that is bio-degradable. It is mixed with silica sand for a non-slippery surface.


Infrared Repairs

We have an Infrared asphalt heater that will make seamless repairs. Infrared is used to fix utility road cuts and pothole repairs as well as water puddles.


Line Striping

We know how important it is to have a clearly marked parking lot. We maximize you lot by giving as many spaces as we can. All lines are painted to code, whether it is handicap spaces or fire lanes.

Asphalt Maintenance & Repair​


we also do:

  • BERMS (Machine or Hand)


Site preparation is the most important in the longevity of asphalt. Without the proper sub base any thickness of asphalt will not last. We have the right equipment to create a solid sub base guaranteed.



When removing and replacing a large parking lot. A reclaimer is the fastest and most cost efficient way to remove the old asphalt. It also stabilizes the soil for a proper sub base.



When resurfacing asphalt a milling machine is used to grind around transitions for a smooth abutment.


Recycled Asphalt (RAP)

If you’re looking for a cost efficient way to fix you driveway and get out of the mud recycled asphalt is a good alternative. We regrade your area and install recycled asphalt by machine and compact it. It is a cold asphalt base product that compacts overtime. It will never be as hard as asphalt, but it will get you out of the mud until you have asphalt installed.


Stone Finish Driveway

All site preparations are the same. We install asphalt and compact decorative stones of your choice in color on top giving you a rustic look. The stones stay in place and its solid compared to loose stone driveways.


Warranty: All services come with a 1 Year Warranty

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